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Our Shows

Our first slate of shows is fully developed and ready to go into production.  It consists of five shows, each ten episodes in length and all with billion dollar upsides to the products, brands and businesses they promote.

Production #1 “The Count”

“The Count” is a classic retelling of “The Count of Monte Cristo” set against the backdrop of Las Vegas, Macau, South America, and a global gaming empire. This show will cater to audiences interested in online, social, fantasy, and E-sports gaming.

Production #2  “Cannabis”

The Company’s second show “Cannabis” will be told from a multitude of conflicting perspectives.  With storylines that reflect the Wall Street hedge funds that are pouring billions into this hyper growth industry, to the politicians who are fighting for and against legalization, to the gangsters who are now quickly becoming the next wave of our country’s anti-establishment billionaires, our second production is aimed at becoming the “Breaking Bad” of cannabis.

Coming Soon

Production #3  “Crypto”

The Company’s third show “Crypto” can be thought of as “The Social Network” meets “Billions,” and will shift back and forth in its time line between telling the inside story of how blockchain technology and crypto currencies came to be and the current day-to-day developments in the rise and fall of global currencies and the deregulation of the stock market and banking system.


The protagonist is the CEO of a company called, which invents a sublingual delivery system for all nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compounds, providing the world with the ability to never have to swallow another pill again.


By creating the best new healthcare product on the planet, her company skyrockets in value causing her to become a major threat to Big Pharma.  In order to protect herself and her company, she creates a superior crypto currency called vitamincoin, which will rise above the rest as one of the only stable and reliable crypto currencies in the world.

Coming Soon

Production #4  “Gamers”

Our fourth show “Gamers” is about four best friends who are all rising stars in the E-Sports world. Sponsored by Activision, these four phenoms travel the world playing the most cutting edge video games in front of sold out stadiums for millions of dollars.  With legions of screaming fans, beautiful cosplay girls and a global backdrop of this $650 billion dollar a year industry, we expect “Gamers” will be the hottest show in our slate.

Coming Soon

Production #5  “The Cure”

The Company’s fifth show is called “The Cure.”  This show will tell the story of a biochemist, a microbiologist, a physicist and a rouge MD who jump out of C-130’s over places like Ghana to help Doctors Without Borders bring medical care to indigent populations.  In each episode these four real-life super heroes will be called to save the lives of people who can’t be saved.


“The Cure” will have the unique ability to illustrate, through the humanity of the story telling process, the practical applicability of new and cutting edge technologies in medicine that are currently unknown to the majority of the population of the planet and which are often too difficult to explain to the lay person.


The pharmaceutical industry spends untold millions in marketing each year by producing commercials for their drugs that list a host of potentially horrific side effects, but if we can create a weekly television show, where an Academy Award winning actor can administer the lifesaving cure to an eight year old child of a single mother with no insurance, then we can create a better way to tell the story of how these modalities actually work and we can disseminate that knowledge artfully and aesthetically through storytelling.

Coming Soon
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