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With more platforms now than ever before needing to provide original content to their users, and with companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple TV, Google TV, HBO, Showtime, Stars, Cinemax, FX, A&E, Spike, MTV and many others paying more now for original content than ever before, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to take each of our shows to market and license the domestic and international rights.  The Company intends to use the exposure created to generate program specific ancillary revenue streams, such as merchandise, commercial tie-ins and branding opportunities. Depending on the circumstances, the Company may determine that it would license shows to such platforms at reasonable prices in order to ensure the exposure for the products and brands highlighted in such shows.


Alternative Distribution


We believe the future of distribution is linked to the ability to distribute streaming content directly to the consumer.  By bypassing traditional distributors, we can generate more revenue by distributing original content directly to the consumer.


After our first slate of shows has been completed, we plan to license the rights to our shows, individually or collectively, to both foreign and domestic distributors, although licensing may occur prior to completion of all episodes of a show. We may also determine that developing our own platform, for the distribution of streaming content directly to the end user, may be more financially viable.  


We may also enter into joint venture agreements with websites that have substantial user bases and a built-in audience that has a predisposed interest in our content.  For example, we may partner with websites such as which reports that is has over 100 million registered users.

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