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Branded Entertainment Inc.

We are an innovative branding company that selects billion dollar products, businesses and hyper-growth markets and then creates television shows around them so that the television shows themselves act as a huge marketing engine to drive traffic to and derive revenue from those products, businesses and hyper-growth markets.


Branded Entertainment Inc. intends to generate its revenue from a multitude of sources including, but not limited to, licensing its content and intellectual property, product and brand integration, ancillary businesses created by the development of its intellectual property, the sale and marketing of its products both domestic and foreign and the connecting of users directly with brands.


According to Fortune Magazine, the traditional television industry has been shifting for a number of years and broadcast platforms have been losing viewership steadily for some time.  That coupled with the ability for viewers to skip ads, extensive DVR use and the popularity of streaming services has made the number of media impressions derived from advertising placed with scripted programming drop precipitously.  There have been numerous attempts to remedy this, but those attempts have not succeeded for the very reason that the scripted programming was created first. The founders of Branded Entertainment Inc. realized that a new approach was necessary and felt that the starting point was the product and that the marketing reach of this type of programming would be platform independent.


The Company was founded to create high quality episodic scripted programming targeting the demographic of the identified product, involve brands at an early stage of development and participate in the success derived from the exploitation of those products, brands and businesses as well as the programming.


The Company intends to license content to broadcast platforms (e.g. CBS. NBC, ABC), multi-channel television systems (e.g. Charter, Time-Warner and their channels, HBO, Showtime Stars) and over the top  (OTT) services (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Hulu). The Company may also engage in self-distribution of its content through the direct marketing and sale to the consumer by developing and launching its own streaming content platform.  


Our Shows

Our first slate of shows is fully developed and ready to go into production.  It consists of five shows, each ten episodes in length and all with billion dollar upsides to the products, brands and businesses they promote.

Our Shows

Production #1 “The Count”

“The Count” is a classic retelling of “The Count of Monte Cristo” set against the backdrop of Las Vegas, Macau, South America, and a global gaming empire. This show will cater to audiences interested in online, social, fantasy, and E-sports gaming.

Production #2  “Cannabis”

The Company’s second show “Cannabis” will be told from a multitude of conflicting perspectives.  With storylines that reflect the Wall Street hedge funds that are pouring billions into this hyper growth industry, to the politicians who are fighting for and against legalization, to the gangsters who are now quickly becoming the next wave of our country’s anti-establishment billionaires, our second production is aimed at becoming the “Breaking Bad” of cannabis.

Coming Soon

Production #3  “Crypto”

The Company’s third show “Crypto” can be thought of as “The Social Network” meets “Billions,” and will shift back and forth in its time line between telling the inside story of how blockchain technology and crypto currencies came to be and the current day-to-day developments in the rise and fall of global currencies and the deregulation of the stock market and banking system.


The protagonist is the CEO of a company called, which invents a sublingual delivery system for all nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compounds, providing the world with the ability to never have to swallow another pill again.


By creating the best new healthcare product on the planet, her company skyrockets in value causing her to become a major threat to Big Pharma.  In order to protect herself and her company, she creates a superior crypto currency called vitamincoin, which will rise above the rest as one of the only stable and reliable crypto currencies in the world.

Coming Soon

Production #4  “Gamers”

Our fourth show “Gamers” is about four best friends who are all rising stars in the E-Sports world. Sponsored by Activision, these four phenoms travel the world playing the most cutting edge video games in front of sold out stadiums for millions of dollars.  With legions of screaming fans, beautiful cosplay girls and a global backdrop of this $650 billion dollar a year industry, we expect “Gamers” will be the hottest show in our slate.

Coming Soon

Production #5  “The Cure”

The Company’s fifth show is called “The Cure.”  This show will tell the story of a biochemist, a microbiologist, a physicist and a rouge MD who jump out of C-130’s over places like Ghana to help Doctors Without Borders bring medical care to indigent populations.  In each episode these four real-life super heroes will be called to save the lives of people who can’t be saved.


“The Cure” will have the unique ability to illustrate, through the humanity of the story telling process, the practical applicability of new and cutting edge technologies in medicine that are currently unknown to the majority of the population of the planet and which are often too difficult to explain to the lay person.


The pharmaceutical industry spends untold millions in marketing each year by producing commercials for their drugs that list a host of potentially horrific side effects, but if we can create a weekly television show, where an Academy Award winning actor can administer the lifesaving cure to an eight year old child of a single mother with no insurance, then we can create a better way to tell the story of how these modalities actually work and we can disseminate that knowledge artfully and aesthetically through storytelling.

Coming Soon

Tax Rebates And Product Integration

Tax Rebates


The Company initially intends to produce its content in Canada. In and of itself, the exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Canadian Dollar make it attractive to produce programming in Canada, but in addition, virtually all of the provinces and the Canadian federal government offer incentives, mostly in the form of tax rebates, although other incentives might be available depending on the show.  For instance, Manitoba offers between 45% and 65% tax refund of the labor costs for Manitoba residents, as well as certain others “deemed’ residents, which can be used in conjunction with a federal tax refund of 16% of Canadian resident labor costs. The Company intends to design its productions to maximize the available incentives.


The incentive structure may change, both in Canada and elsewhere in the world.  The Company reserves the right to produce in other locations with an eye towards maximizing the available incentive, consistent with the high quality of production sought.


Product Integration


We create television shows around brands that can subsidize the cost of the shows we produce through product integration. Brands like GM, Mercedes Benz, Heineken, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Samsung, Red Bull, Monster, Patron, Gatorade, Rolex, Net Jets, Ray Ban, Under Armor, Poker Stars, MGM, Caesars Palace, Tide, Budweiser, Coke, Pepsi, Dominoes, Papa John’s and many more are very familiar with product integration and pay significant sums to have their products and brands featured in television and film productions.  The Company intends to create its programming with product integration at the forefront, involving brands at the earliest possible point in time, so that the product integration is organic and seamless and not thrown in as an afterthought.


When we produce our shows, each episode will feature a prominent actor integrating a sponsored product into the dialogue and in the action of that episode. We plan to do this for more than one product and/or sponsor each episode.

Tax Rebates and Product Integration


With more platforms now than ever before needing to provide original content to their users, and with companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple TV, Google TV, HBO, Showtime, Stars, Cinemax, FX, A&E, Spike, MTV and many others paying more now for original content than ever before, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to take each of our shows to market and license the domestic and international rights.  The Company intends to use the exposure created to generate program specific ancillary revenue streams, such as merchandise, commercial tie-ins and branding opportunities. Depending on the circumstances, the Company may determine that it would license shows to such platforms at reasonable prices in order to ensure the exposure for the products and brands highlighted in such shows.


Alternative Distribution


We believe the future of distribution is linked to the ability to distribute streaming content directly to the consumer.  By bypassing traditional distributors, we can generate more revenue by distributing original content directly to the consumer.


After our first slate of shows has been completed, we plan to license the rights to our shows, individually or collectively, to both foreign and domestic distributors, although licensing may occur prior to completion of all episodes of a show. We may also determine that developing our own platform, for the distribution of streaming content directly to the end user, may be more financially viable.  


We may also enter into joint venture agreements with websites that have substantial user bases and a built-in audience that has a predisposed interest in our content.  For example, we may partner with websites such as which reports that is has over 100 million registered users.



Our first slate of five shows is just the beginning.  After we prove the model, our second and third slates of shows will be defined by the companies that solicit us.   


We will solve billion dollar company’s PR problems by taking a portion of their marketing budget and turning it into a revenue stream.  We will teach fortune 500 companies how to get television networks to pay them to advertise their business.


Imagine what Exxon’s stock would have done every week if JR Ewing would have been the CEO of Exxon and think about how many billions of dollars Hollywood has left on the table over the years by failing to combine the creation of content with actual brick and mortar businesses.  


Branded Entertainment Inc. will not make that mistake and we will redefine how content is created, monetized and consumed.

Our Future


Branded Entertainment Inc. looks to become a publicly traded company, formed by its attorney Andrea Cataneo, who is currently a partner at the law firm of Sheppard Mullin.


Branded Entertainment’s CEO is Jonathan Sanger.

Who We Are

Jonathan Sanger – Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer, Chairman of the Board of Directors


Mr. Sanger is an Academy Award winning Producer who has produced such iconic films as “The Elephant Man,” “The Producers” and “Vanilla Sky.”  He was the President of Tom Cruise’s company, Cruise/Wagner, for a decade during the launch of the Mission Impossible franchise.


Leslie Bocskor – Chief Operating Officer, Secretary, Board of Directors


Mr. Bocskor has been the President and Founder of Electrum Partners since January 2014. Electrum Partners is a global cannabis business advisory and services firm. In May 2016 he was appointed to the board of directors of GB Sciences, Inc. and has served as the vice chairman since April 2017. Mr. Bocskor combines two years of experience in the cannabis industry and a total of 20 years in senior management in the financial industry. Since June 2000, Mr. Bocskor has served as the President of Venture Catalyst LLC, a consulting company. From February 2011 through September 2012, Mr. Bocskor was employed in the investment banking division of Network 1 Financial Securities, Inc. From May 2005 through June 2011, Mr. Bocskor was Managing Partner of Lenox Hill Partners, LLC an advisory firm that focused on corporate finance and business consulting. Currently, Mr. Bocskor serves as the Chairman of the Board of The Nevada Cannabis Industry Association, a trade association working to establish an exemplary legal Cannabis Industry in the State of Nevada.  Mr. Bocskor is also Chairman of the Board for the Figment Project, an arts and cultural organization. Additionally, Mr. Bocksor serves on the boards of Social Life Network (OTC: WDLF) an Indoor Harvest Corp. (OTC: INQD).


Jack Bonsangue – Board of Directors


Mr. Bonsangue is the principal of consulting firm The Money Channel New York City with emphasis in media and marketing for publicly traded companies.  His firm has been located directly across from the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street for the past 20 years. During this time he has worked directly with CEOs and Chairman of over 200 public companies.


Glenn Truitt Esq. – Board of Directors


Glenn H. Truitt, Esq. has been in private practice for 13 years and is the principal owner and managing partner of a multidisciplinary professional practice (law, finance & strategy) for legal cannabis and healthcare business owners, headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.  He is licensed in California and Nevada and specializes in compliance and structured transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, financing, operations and brokerage.  


Glenn is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, where he earned his BS in Mathematics, with honors, finishing 8th in his class of approximately 1,000 graduates.  Glenn was the first Academy graduate in twenty years to win both of the Math Department’s class awards, including for highest standing and mathematical excellence – the latter awarded for his part in a published paper which achieved the proof a new linear algebraic axiom.  


Glenn served for five years in the submarine community, including a six-patrol tour onboard the ballistic missile submarine, USS TENNESSEE SSBN 734(B), achieving the rank of Lieutenant, receiving a Navy Achievement Medal for his service as the Communications Officer during 9/11 (during which the TENNESSEE Blue Crew was on patrol), and qualifying in both Submarine Warfare (i.e. “Gold Dolphins”) and as a Naval Nuclear Engineer – widely considered to be the Navy’s most challenging technical qualification.  He made the difficult decision to resign from the Navy to pursue a career in law, and matriculated at Stanford Law School where he graduated in 2005. Notably, during his time at Stanford, Glenn served as student body president for the law school during his second year, while also authoring a column in the Stanford Daily.  


Glenn remains active in the local professional community, including membership in the American Bar Association, California and Nevada Bar Associations, and the Clark County Bar Association.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 11.29.49

Gerald Commissiong – Director

Mr. Commissiong has served as the Chief Operating Officer and a Director of Amarantus since April of 201 until present day. On October 23, 2011, Mr. Commissiong was appointed to serve as Chief Executive Officer and President of Amarantus. He was the co-founder and President and Chief Executive Officer of Amarantus, which was formerly known as CNS Protein Therapeutics, Inc. He played a significant role in sourcing the seed funding for the Company in 2008, assisted in developing a strategic corporate development pathway that involved the recruitment of relevant expertise, identification of appropriate development strategy, liaising with expertise to define development pathway, creation of a technological mitigation strategy and the identification of appropriate funding partners with a strategic interest the technology of Amarantus.


Prior to co-founding Amarantus, Mr. Commissiong played professional football for the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League. Mr. Commissiong holds a B.S. degree in Management Science and Engineering with a focus on Financial Decisions from Stanford University. Mr. Commissiong is qualified to serve as Director because of his history with the Company and his management and leadership qualities. In addition, Mr. Commissiong skills and knowledge of the financial markets makes him invaluable to the Company.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 11.32.23

Andrea Cataneo – General Counsel


Andrea Cataneo is a partner in the Corporate Practice Group for the New York office of the law firm of Sheppard Mullin.


Ms. Cataneo focuses on structuring secured and unsecured private equity financing transactions for microcap companies, and taking companies public.  Additionally, through her extensive relationships in the investment banking community, Ms. Cataneo offers her clients targeted sources of capital. Her practice covers domestic and international transactions and she has been active in Argentina, Canada, China, India, Israel, Kenya and Russia.


Prior to joining the firm of Sheppard Mullin, Ms. Cataneo ran a private practice concentrating in the areas of Securities Law, Corporate Finance, General Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions and Entertainment Law.  Previously, she served as General Counsel to Power Station Entertainment, Inc. and the highly acclaimed Power Station Recording Studio.

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